Sponsorship Opportunities

The Berrylands Festival is now an established and very successful event attracting thousands of attendees every year from a prosperous and highly sought-after commuter area along with attendances from our local MP, Mayor and councillors and coverage on local radio and media. The organising committee keeps the commercialisation of the event low so that it retains it's traditional feel and this in turn offers more visibility for it's sponsoring partners, so this really is an event where your brand would really stand out.

The following options are based on what past sponsors have sought from the event and over time this became a simple tier structure, but we are open to customising this so please do contact us if you have an idea for something different.

Bronze £250

  • A3/A2 brand name/sign on an attraction
  • name on web publicity
  • small logo on all flyers

Silver £400

  • sponsor an entire attraction (exclusive)
  • large banner across the attraction or prominent location
  • name and logo on all flyers and online |larger]
  • your own stall

Gold £1,500

  • co-sponsor of the event
  • massive logo on all posters and flyers being distributed across the area
  • name and logo online and very large on all printed flyers
  • your own stall
  • PA announcements to promote your name
  • your leaflets and marketing material on token stalls
  • 2x huge banners in prominent locations
  • an attraction will be free (or a nominal amount), and everyone will be told that your organisation paid for it.

Platinum available on application

  • main sponsor of the event
  • strapline mention "in association with" and prominent logo on all posters and flyers
  • name and logo on web-site (dominant brand, name checks)
  • your own stall
  • co-branding/naming so DJ and other publicity constantly states your name
  • every stall has your logo i.e your brand all over the event
  • 2x major attractions will be free (or nominal amount to control numbers) and everyone will be told that your organisation paid for it!