Become a Stallholder

The Berrylands Festival is a free to attend event that has grown and grown each year into being very well known with a large attendance of at least 2,000 to 3,000 people so there is a lot of interest by outside businesses and organisations in taking a stall.

All ages visit the event as there is a huge number of attractions for families with children and entertainment and catering for adults alike.

The Berrylands Festival planning team welcomes interest from all sorts of organisations in having a stall at the event as we want a broad range so that different peoples interests are served.

External stalls that contribute a fun game or learning opportunity are especially welcome and we do 'curate' the event so not every application will be accepted. Please note that we do have to ask for a financial contribution from some stallholders towards the event as it is expensive to run and we use the funds to subsidise the children's attractions and games.

We typically offer four different types of packages to external organisations, but it really is a case by case basis:

  • A. Local registered charities (free)
  • B. Local voluntary or civic society groups (free)
  • C. Non-profits (nominal contribution)
  • D. Commercial businesses (contact us for our rates)